A Reflection On Universal Love



The Sanskrit word for human love that emanates from the spiritual heart is called "mamata." I don't understand much Sanskrit but I imagine it is related to the word "mama" as the phoneme "ma" is used for "mother" in many languages ​​in the world, and in so many languages ​​derived from Sanskrit in India.

I like the analogy of universal love as the love a mother has for her baby. If a human being, mother or father, or any person really, could love other people's people as much as their own child (or their closest people in the case of people who do not have children), then that great love could be closer to universal in that such a personal form of love could be expressed in the same intensity for all beings and creatures, not just humans.

We are all progeny of the infinite. Behind all finite conceptions of our relative being there is the infinite witness, which is the same in all. Each mind is an evolutionary effort evolving toward infinite consciousness. The finite and relative mind has its complexes and limitations but it also has the spiritual urge to expand into infinity. We must help everyone return home. With that understanding of the unity of consciousness we can better understand the weaknesses and mistakes of others more easily and feel more compassion for their failures instead of being offended and judging them.

Perhaps this universal love is possible only on a spiritual transcendental plane or by the most spiritually enlightened beings, such as a Buddha or Christ. However, I believe that the practice of thinking that all are progeny of the infinite and within me is the infinite that loves them without discrimination will bring one closer to enlightenment and liberation. This ideation of seeing and loving the infinite in the finite is the most sublime of a human being embodied on earth.


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