Just Flush It All

People are essentially the same everywhere. Only externally we appear so different. Each human culture is a colorful expression as so many flowers in a garden. All are different and distinct variegations but there is so much more that is similar than different among them. Everywhere you go in the world you find the same basic virtues as well as the same scandals. Human beings create the same gods and devils all around the globe. Perhaps the particular society in which one lives follows cyclical paths of ups and downs and the people rise and fall accordingly, but it always happens to human beings in very similar ways. Only political and materialistic opportunists who promote fear and the truly fearful and ignorant focus more on people´s differences than people´s similarities. Nationalism, even in more responsible and rational forms, has always seemed rather immature compared to the idea that we are all microcosmic consciousness evolving and existing in the living and vibrant Macrocosmic Consciousness of the universe.

The subjective Consciousness is the same in all beings. We may have different minds, but the internal "I" is identical in all. It is only in the objective part of our minds that we are different. The objective mind (chitta) is connected to the external world and the physical brain and so it therefore is qualified by external objectivities. If one sees only externalities, then all appears different. People are simply conditioned and qualified by different environments and objective circumstances like race, culture and social class. However, if one knows the pure, inner Consciousness, then one realizes that the internal, subjective Consciousness is the same in the Macrocosm as well as all microcosms. Really, there is only a Macrocosmic Mind and Consciousness. "Microcosm" is a misnomer; it is used to describe a mind qualified by externalities when oneś subjective consciousness appears to be qualified and changed by the external world, yet this consciousness is never really modified. It is like a mirror reflecting so many objects. No matter how many objects and colors that are reflected in the mirror the mirror never changes.

I listened to an interview with Cornel West the other night. I cannot say I have read his works but his interviews have always impressed me. What most illuminated me from this interview were his reflections on how the Neo-liberal Left and the Neo-Fascist Right are controlled by the same big interests in Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex. Both sides serve the American Empire, only the Left wants to let minorities and women into the game while the Right maintains a more traditional racist attitude. He spoke at length about how people are never introduced, even in universities, to the idea that the U.S. is an empire with a history of colonialism, genocide, and capitalist exploitation.

Reflecting on this interview I begin to think of a person whose image I always try to keep out of my mind, the “Neo-Fascist” leader that West refers to. I only recently heard his voice and listened to this person speak. I feel at one with world but there are still people whose mental form is so disturbing that I do not want to let them anywhere near my soul by even cognitizing them. When we conjure up a person or object in our minds there is actually a connection with the original object or person. Weak and unconscious minds only see their own projections and have very little connection with the original object in their minds. The stronger and purer the mind, the more one is able to connect with the person.

Trump is the supreme and perfect example of “white trash.” “White trash” is a term I stopped using some time ago, at least until now. It seemed rather racist in that it implies that white people can also be “trash,” not just the minorities so commonly discriminated against. Also, its common use to describe rural and simple folk is truly offensive to poor white people. However, when one thinks of “white trash” as a concept referring to a group of mean and materialistic-minded people with a white national superiority complex who use insecure, fearful and violent fundamentalist Christians as their political base, then “white trash” really hits the mark. Trump is but a manifestation of collective ignorance and brutality, the perfect leader for white trash culture in a white trash empire. Only trashy consciousness could manifest this abomination.

Such distortions of human consciousness that endanger our evolution are always eventually cursed by nature and the Macrocosm itself turns against them. Nature simply unleashes all of the accumulated reactions to the past actions of the collective consciousness with such perfect precision and even uncanny symbolism so as to make it clear to history that what was destroyed was an abomination. Hopefully, now I can remove this form from my mind but I do in some strange way thank Trump for beings such a clear and perfect symbol. The American Empire will not be spared the fate of other fallen empires who no longer serve any evolutionary purpose.

I recently dreamed that I was hiking to the North Pole with ex-president Obama.  He was asking me some questions about yoga philosophy.  I did not want to talk to him.  I thought internally that "you might be a decent fellow if you weren´t the leader of the corporate empire, the war machine of the military industrial complex, etc.etc....  I said nothing.  

In the dream I was aware it was a dream and was thinking I am dreaming this because in my past, after the Purulia incident, I was always in playful dialogues with very "intelligent" people.   I had an eye kept on me but I was an innocent person in the debacle and I felt that the intelligence and military people I dialogued with were genuinely friendly with me.  They knew I was no patriot but also understood that I was not an anarchist or violent revolutionary.  I took advantage of the situation to give them some subtle moral clashes about being servants of the war machine.  I wondered that if they woke up a little spiritually and morally if they would end up renouncing their government and military positions?  For example, I once dialoged with a navy officer and West Point professor about neo-platonic ideas and their similarity with the Upanashadic doctrine of the identity of the Atman with Brahman.  He cited John Scotus Eriugena.  We spoke about whether the Atman, the individual soul, was equal to Brahman, the universal soul.  I said it was true and he asked if it were true in the sense of the two cantaloupes he was holding were identical.  Are they identical, or just similar?, he asked.  I said that there is nothing exactly similar in the physical plane but in the spirit all is one.  It would be as if two c antelopes could be exactly identical.  If they were completely identical then we could not notice their separateness under any scrutiny and they would be entirely one.  Such coincidence is impossible in the physical world but in the spirit all is one.  However, in the physical world we should see unity in diversity, as finite and diverse creation trying to express the Infinite through the evolution of consciousness, I said.

Anyway, it was my personal little history of being able to see how people inside the both sides of the eternal game of rebels and empire officials really think, as human beings.  And so with this in my mind I realized that this was the reason that in this dream I was supposed to guide him to the north pole.  In earlier years I debated with some very fine intellects of the empire.  "Obomber" in this dream is definitely the most refined symbol of great human intellect enslaved to dirty politics, in the end a false humane and rational face for the most irrational and self-destructive empire.  

We reached the tip of the world.  The North Pole was directly in the middle of what seemed to be an igloo.  On approaching it closer the igloo was really a pool.  It was covered from the weather and there was a small door on this roof to enter the waters below.  Obama asked me to open it.  I saw the waters were deep and connected to the oceans all around this block of ice we were standing on top of.  Obama asked to look in and I moved aside.  The waters started swirling and the entire pool became a giant vortex.  A giant wave engulfed him and I watched him get flushed.  The vortex grew and engulfed the entire north pole and I saw the entire human society getting flushed as well.  I was wondering why I was not getting flushed but realized I was just a witness without a physical body in this dream.  After it was all over and I found myself with other bodiless minds sitting above a barren planet.  A heroic spirit, my friend Baptiste, was giving a fiery discourse to the rest of the spirits in our group.  He was saying that we should not give up but return to earth, reincarnate and re-establish dharma and spirituality on a clean slate, on a new planet.  Some were convinced and wanted to return,  while others were unmoved, and all too complacent to be floating happily above this intense drama that was finally over.  

Rightist, leftist; capitalist, communist:  If your philosophy is matter then in the end you really do not matter.  Matter is an illusion, people only believe in it when their spiritual heart is not yet open.  Universal reason cannot be separated from universal love.  

Over the last 500 years it has been demonstrated that the capitalist system cannot survive without genocide, slavery, and a multinational imperialism which exploits human labor and hoards natural resources stolen from other lands. Communism, which was born as the bastard son and counter-reaction to capitalism, has mostly fallen short of its ideals when put into practice. Instead of a liberated proletariat and the dissolution of the state, we find tyrannical central governments that grossly oppress human rights. Capitalism seeks to bind with gold chains while communism binds with heavy iron chains. Neither system helps all of humanity evolve physically, mentally, or spiritually.

If there are parasites that attack the physical organism, then why cannot there exist parasites that attack the mental organism? Just as parasites can root their way into an imbalanced and infirm organism, then why could not a mental parasite worm its way into an infirm mind, or ideologies that create mental imbalances? Perhaps limited, materialistic ideas like capitalism and communism are destined to make both the individual and collective minds insane because they are limited ideologies based on materialism and only recognize the material and social nature of human beings. A human being desires infinite freedom. Not only do we desire freedom, but we are designed to seek it. There exist within us all of the thought forms and emotional structures to seek higher mental and spiritual forms of happiness. The common error is to seek the infinite in the finite. If our infinite desires situate themselves exclusively in creature comforts and egocentric desires, then frustration and unhappiness will eventually destroy this limited happiness as one´ś higher nature has not been expressed.

These mental parasites are called microvita in tantra yoga. Just like there are positive as well as negative bacterias, there are both positive and negative microvita. Positive microvita stimulate the higher desires of the mind and the endocrine system while negative microvita keep the mind bound to our animal nature. There is always a balance of positive and negative microvita in nature but when negative microvita become overly expressed and positive microvita are not expressed, then great imbalances occur and nature must restore order. A human being that does not participate in physical, mental and spiritual evolution is a waste of energy and will be attacked by negative microvita. The planet must get rid of some dead weight. Ideologies that mold human beings into slaves of matter will eventually be flushed by nature as they do not foster the evolution of spirit.

The mind is the intermediary entity between spirit and matter. "As you think, so you become." The mind becomes like the objects of its attachments. Subtle occupations of the mind make the mind finer while crude occupations degrade the mind. If the ego, the driver of the mind, is weak then negative microvita help make one selfish and mean minded, seeks creature comforts and dreams of getting rich, and attaining only mundane ambitions. If one is strong and intelligent then positive microvita helps one to struggle for liberation from all mental limitations and ultimately finds peace in the infinite spirit within. When the mind unifies with spirit it is nirvana, freedom from time and rebirth. The mind no longer exists as a separate entity: it merges into spirit. When one defies one´s true purpose of dharma (the path of physical and mental evolution toward spiritual freedom) the mind unifies with matter. In this union one is also free from human rebirth: the mind disintegrates in matter, the body dies, and one becomes one with the garbage on the streets and the caca in the sewers.


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