Ramakrishna once stated that the power of spirit is so real that if one is bit by a poisonous snake but with firm determination says "I am not poisoned" then one will not become sick. Only because something is difficult to understand for the masses does not make it untrue. Ramakrishna understood higher laws but the lot of humanity live in materialistic and deterministic ignorance. The discovery of higher psyco-spiritual laws make so many physical determinants vacuous and vaporous, and make our modern science shallow and our medicine so crude. I have seen so many times how so called incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS have been eradicated by a radical, spiritual change of consciousness. People gained a little bit of spiritual, vertical insight into their illness and understood the deeper reasons and were cured. Perhaps few can comprehend this but that does not make it untrue.

The physical world is a product of Spirit. We create realities based on our limited mental projections and these projections always bounce back as our karmic reactions and such frustrations only serve to strengthen these cognitive barriers. We continue believing that these personal and collective projections are absolute until some great clash awakens our spirit and broadens our mental projections. I am not saying that viruses, deadly illnesses or poisons are not real, only that they exist on a cruder plane of reality. Change the mind and you change the body. Change the mind and you change the world.

The key to a strong immune system is a strong mind. What is immunity but the ability of the organism to distinguish between what is me and what is not me? At the mental level this distinction of self and not self corresponds to moral discernment. One knows who one is and what are one´s personal boundaries. Most people are confused about such questions and simply let others decide what is best for them. They place too much faith in their pastors, their doctors or their favourite authors or even actors. A strong and insightful mind with discernment knows the inner labyrinths of the mind, the weaknesses and pitfalls of the self and therefore self deception is more difficult. So much mental confusion due to self ignorance creates a state of constant tension and stress and the physical immune system is also weakened by this lack of discernment.

I have known yogis whose power of discernment was so strong that they could heal others. Their immunity was so strong that they could take on the weight of others. They did not simply heal them without forcing some kind of change on the part of the other. Quite the contrary: their interaction with such a powerful mind forced them to come to terms with themselves. While resonating deeply with this spiritual friend they felt at one with him and together they worked through the illness.

Biopsychology is not an abstract and intellectual science for the tantric yogi. It is an intuitive science based on direct experience. One enters into the Anahata Vortex or Heart Chakra and becomes one with the heart of the universe. From this center one connects with the Aerial Factor, the subtle vibrations of prana that radiate through the entire universe. Every human mind is a potential portal for this connection if only the desires of the mind are purified from narrow-mindedness and selfishness. When the mind vibrates with universal love and spiritual union there is a warm glow in the chest. One feels the physical heart very calm and also feels the thymus gland as a very soft radiation of soothing energy. All internal sufferings are healed and the radiation from this mind also affects the Anahata Vortex and the organs corresponding to that vortex in other beings. The yogi becomes first at one with the universe and enters the universal heart and naturally radiates this calm to others.


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