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"A Name To The Nameless" First work that began in 1996.  A psychological explanation of tantric meditation, psychology and philosophy.

 "Anahata"   An explanation of the yogic Anahata Chakra or Spiritual Heart. 

"Microvita And Tantra Maya"  Book II of A Name To The Nameless.  Experimental topics on tantra yoga. 

"Light And Dark Tantra"  Archived A.M. writings.


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Biopsychology and Spiritual Healing

Human life is always at balance between inferiority and superiority complexes. We make so many mistakes based on such complexes, dominating others or submitting to the domination of others. However, one day we have to wake up, have true confidence and be more authentic without these games of inferiority or superiority, without harming others and ourselves. When one can see ones own mind without negative or positive prejudices or distortions one begins to see ones whole world without these distortions as well. One stops having opinions about other people's characteristics and can really see what their minds are like with their past and present thoughts and emotions. All that the awakened mind sees are the dynamics of actions and reactions of minds. The previous actions have built a reality in the present and the actions of the present will create a reality for the future. It does not matter if one dies in debt of previous actions because they continue attached to the m

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