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Why Is This Evil Upon Us? 2021 Revision

  We have started the work of planting organic coffee. A friend suggested that I should build a cabin for tourists who would like to visit an organic coffee farm. I think tourists would need something more to do in the local area than just visit a farm.  However, El Triunfo natural reserve is nearby, which has the highest cloud forest in the world. I have not been there yet but I hear that the visit requires a lot of hiking as there are no roads up to the reserve. I am happy in the local community. People are friendly and there are no great dangers. There is beautiful nature everywhere and many places to hike in the mountains or swim near a waterfall.   My friend's idea sounds like a very good idea, but I see two reasons that could hinder its realization. Both have to do with the nearby town: the garbage thrown everywhere and also the drunks thrown about everywhere. Nobody wants to travel so far just to see these sights. The first problem of the garbage could be e

Biopsychology and Spiritual Healing

Human life is always at balance between inferiority and superiority complexes. We make so many mistakes based on such complexes, dominating others or submitting to the domination of others. However, one day we have to wake up, have true confidence and be more authentic without these games of inferiority or superiority, without harming others and ourselves. When one can see ones own mind without negative or positive prejudices or distortions one begins to see ones whole world without these distortions as well. One stops having opinions about other people's characteristics and can really see what their minds are like with their past and present thoughts and emotions. All that the awakened mind sees are the dynamics of actions and reactions of minds. The previous actions have built a reality in the present and the actions of the present will create a reality for the future. It does not matter if one dies in debt of previous actions because they continue attached to the m

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  I have friends in many parts of the world interested and / or building with various forms of green building. I share my bahareque experience with some photos and brief writings, as we did with the superadobe construction . Here are photos and a video to further clarify the process of building with bahareque .   We have been building with super adobe. The first three rooms are already finished. Super adobe consists mainly of free material but it is very intense work. Therefore, we are going to make the bathroom, which is an external corner between two hexagons, with a wall of bahareque .  Bahareque a traditional Mexican method that uses a structure of reed filled with mud or "cob." Bahareque is very similar to the technique of "wattle and daub" of medieval England.     I cut more oaks from the forest for the firm structure. They are anchored to a conventional concrete, gravel and rebar foundation. Between the firm oak beams we put a reed structure, which w

An Offering

A Name To The Nameless is public domain. I once tried to sell it on Amazon. People bought it but I never recieved any money for the sales. Later, a friend found our Spanish translation being sold in a San Cristobal bookstore. Somebody else was selling it without our permission!    Most recently some Ananda Marga members from Taiwan and Brazil want to translate it into Chinese and Portugese and make in one of the cases make it an A.M. publication. They would like the money to go to helping the monastics in their projects. I told them that they can translate it, we will approve or disapprove of the translation upon review, and if approved then they can share it within their communities without monetary exchange. I told them that perhaps if we were to sell it then we could consider helping ideological projects related to tantric research independent of the monastic order(s).    I have not been around Ananda Marga for so many years.  I do not consider myself a part of

An Earthbag Construction

   Here is a link to a .pdf file, An Earthbag Construction

A Reflection On Universal Love

    The Sanskrit word for human love that emanates from the spiritual heart is called "mamata." I don't understand much Sanskrit but I imagine it is related to the word "mama" as the phoneme "ma" is used for "mother" in many languages ​​in the world, and in so many languages ​​derived from Sanskrit in India. I like the analogy of universal love as the love a mother has for her baby. If a human being, mother or father, or any person really, could love other people's people as much as their own child (or their closest people in the case of people who do not have children), then that great love could be closer to universal in that such a personal form of love could be expressed in the same intensity for all beings and creatures, not just humans. We are all progeny of the infinite. Behind all finite conceptions of our relative being there is the infinite witness, which is the same in all. Each mind is an evolutionary effort evolv

Psorax Revisited

I made many changes to this essay this morning: Anybody who has looked into the abyss of his or her consciousness knows that the abyss looks back at you, as Nietzsche said. The unconscious mind is a very live and active zoo of escaped animals raging about in pure chaos and savagery. Does their years of pent-up frustration make them even more crazy when they finally escape? And in all of this unintelligible impulse speaks back from the chasm some kind of insidious intelligence. In modern psychology, this hidden intentional has been called the id, the shadow, or the unconscious. Pluma Blanca called the unconscious mind “psorax”. His definition of this entity of the unconscious is much more mystical and profound than any other explanation that I know. It is more of a practical understanding of how the mind creates frustrated realities that remain trapped within one, like an itch under the skin. He called it psorax because he saw it as subtle mental energy that becomes contaminated and get

The Quixotic Narco Slayers

I recently spoke at the Navajo Nation at a conference about racism and social medicine. I spoke of how the narco war in Mexico is manipulated by government diplomats and corporations from both sides of the border to steal land for mines and fracking. I refer to my own experiences as well as some other confessions of people who I met that had inside information as employees of the state and assistants to diplomats. They told me of complex #multinational schemes to take over the Mexican economic infrastructure. Many of the sources they cite are also publicly available if one knows where to look. I never doubted their authenticity because the horrific rumors I heard from these inside sources actually manifested into horrific social reality soon after I heard these confessions. The paramilitary narcos are used to terrify people and seize their lands. The cartels are but extensions of the political machinery that do the dirty work of the rival political parties. The rival part