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An Offering

A Name To The Nameless is public domain. I once tried to sell it on Amazon. People bought it but I never recieved any money for the sales. Later, a friend found our Spanish translation being sold in a San Cristobal bookstore. Somebody else was selling it without our permission!    Most recently some Ananda Marga members from Taiwan and Brazil want to translate it into Chinese and Portugese and make in one of the cases make it an A.M. publication. They would like the money to go to helping the monastics in their projects. I told them that they can translate it, we will approve or disapprove of the translation upon review, and if approved then they can share it within their communities without monetary exchange. I told them that perhaps if we were to sell it then we could consider helping ideological projects related to tantric research independent of the monastic order(s).    I have not been around Ananda Marga for so many years.  I do not consider myself a part of

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