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The Breaking Point And The Possessed

Personally, I fared very well growing up in the United States. My grandparents were farmers yet they sent all their children to college and they all progressed into the middle class. My mother was the only daughter who, due to my surprise arrival, did not finish college immediately after high school and only later did she finish her education. We passed through all of the socioeconomic spectrum while this single mother finished her education while living in a poor working class environment and gradually ascended into a middle class profession. I grew up close to the other members of my family kind of like an extended Latino family. Also, my grandparents, aunts and uncles helped me financially while I was studying at the university. While my mother simultaneously worked full time in a low-paying job and studied, we lived in a rather poor apartment complex. Many parents of the white children did not allow them to play with the black children. My mother never imposed such ideas on us. I o
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Psorax Revisited

I made many changes to this essay this morning: Anybody who has looked into the abyss of his or her consciousness knows that the abyss looks back at you, as Nietzsche said. The unconscious mind is a very live and active zoo of escaped animals raging about in pure chaos and savagery. Does their years of pent-up frustration make them even more crazy when they finally escape? And in all of this unintelligible impulse speaks back from the chasm some kind of insidious intelligence. In modern psychology, this hidden intentional has been called the id, the shadow, or the unconscious. Pluma Blanca called the unconscious mind “psorax”. His definition of this entity of the unconscious is much more mystical and profound than any other explanation that I know. It is more of a practical understanding of how the mind creates frustrated realities that remain trapped within one, like an itch under the skin. He called it psorax because he saw it as subtle mental energy that becomes contaminated and get

The Manipura Vortex

  Excerpt from A Name To The Nameless           The Svadhistana Vortex’s main function is to secure the emerging sense of identity from the womb of unconsciousness and blind instinct, which characterize the pre-conscious and pre-human mind at the Muladhara, Sensory Mind.  Once a secure base for the personality is established in a balanced Svadhistana Vortex,  the personality can begin to expand and encounter new qualities and experiences.  Here we see the continued expansion of artha vrtti and the effort to expand the Conceptual Mind so as to acquire a greater degree of meaningful psychological development.  The higher expressions of artha are unable to express themselves completely in the Svadhistana due to the primary activity of maintaining and securing the psychological grounding of the identity. Once there is a stable emotional foundation the personality can flourish and expand. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word artha is relief or alleviation.  

The Elite Pseudoculture

In the 90‘s I lived in a spiritual community in rural Missouri where many members were from India. The locals would come and shoot their rifles at us, try to burn down our buildings and shout “Sand Niggers!” (which is actually a racist term for Arabs, but what does a hick know?) We would call the police because the attacks came almost nightly. They said they would patrol the area. The attacks didn’t stop, they just never happened on the nights the police came.  Without the protection of the local government, we had no other alternative but to defend ourselves. There was debate in our community over whether we should have a gun. I even caught one monk making a Molotov cocktail in the garage. I argued with him about it even though I internally thought it was so hilarious to actually see him doing something so crazy. In the end, we ended up working together making booby traps like falling logs with spikes that would fall and puncture their tires when they entered. Let us have fun, non-vio